We assist children, adolescents and adults in developing an understanding of AD/HD and managing it.

Services for Children

Mark assists children and adolescents in developing an understanding of AD/HD and how to manage it – no matter what the setting e.g. home, school, work or socially. It is important for children to understand exactly how the condition can impact on them, across different settings e.g. home, socially and in class. Most importantly Mark can equip them with the knowledge of how to harness the assets of this condition when managed.

Mark also teaches organisation, study and exam strategies, assisting the student to affect them. Underpinning all of this Mark reinforces the students’ self-esteem, which creates a foundation for resilience.


Services for Adults

Mark also works with adults with AD/HD. Unlike children, most adults are self-referred, either when their child is diagnosed, or because of family and friends observations or education they become aware of the condition. Late diagnosis often leaves adults confused and confronted. Often the feeling of a ‘life lost’ can overwhelm them and leave them directionless. Thorough a process of education about the condition, its impact, and equipping them with management strategies adults can improve their outcomes significantly. Mark assists adults with AD/HD to develop greater insights into their behaviours and the way that they react to the condition. This enables them to take control and move forward.


Additional Services

Mark also offers other support such as high school and subject selection, career guidance, post school and University education options and other lifestyle advice.


I want to thank you for trying to help me understood my condition. The first fully correctly diagnoses me after more than 15 years of missed diagnoses and wrong medications which destroyed my life. no longer will I go in circles, pleading in begging to get help with no result. I just wanted to thank you being the only one who understood
— Testimonial