About Mark

Mark operates an Educational Consultancy which works exclusively with adults and children with AD/HD. His Consultancy offers in servicing and support to schools as well as education to parents and school students the effective management of AD/HD. Mark also operates The Sydney Adult AD/HD. Clinic, the only clinic specializing in Adults with AD/HD. within Australia.

Mark has worked in both private and non-government schools where he was a Boarding Housemaster, an Assistant Principal, Classroom Teacher and has been involved in remedial education in both Primary and Secondary settings.

Mark has been a speaker at conferences both in Australia and internationally and is the Immediate Past Chair of the AD/HD. Global Network. This is an international body which seeks to improve the global understanding of AD/HD. as a real, definable and treatable medical condition. Mark is also the past President of The Learning Difficulties Coalition of NSW and the Canberra & Queanbeyan ADD Support Group Inc (ADDACT) and the Adult AD/HD (ADDult) Association. In addition Mark is a Co Publisher of Research with the University of Western Australia on Time Management in AD/HD Children and Adults presented at the World Federation of AD/HD Conference in Vienna Austria in 2009.

As an AD/H.D. Coach and Mentor, Mark believes that AD/HD. can be an asset when treated effectively.

A short heartfelt note to thank you for all you did to support my child over the last couple years, and particularly during the HSC, everything you told us turned out to be absolutely true!
— Testimonial